Hey you,

Thanks for stopping by to check out the site. If you’ve made it to this point. I’d like to give you a virtual hug + share a few things about myself. Cool?

My name is Orixa, the founder of Bad Girl, Good Human. Before moving to Los Angeles, CA 5+ years ago, I grew up in a small town named Rialto. Being in front of the camera was my first love. Expressing myself through imagery made me fall harder for the arts, but it also allowed me to tap into my vision. I knew I wanted more, I wanted longevity, purpose, something bigger than myself.

BGGH was birthed in March 2017 , yet hadn’t been exposed to world until December 2017. With no expectations or blueprint, I listened to my intuition + followed my heart. BGGH is a way of life. This platform encourages women to live outside the box, speak their truth, and embrace their duality. I’m just here to relay the message. Xoxo.